Fwd: Advantages Of Using Liposomal Encapsulation In Administering Substances In The Body

By Linda Ruiz

Scientists invented the idea of making fluid filled cavities from phospholipids, a very good component of cell membrane. Through these structures, it was also discovered that safe and quick injections of vital compounds could be administered to the body. The liposomal encapsulation is the name given to this procedure of using liposomes to administer compounds to body. They are very beneficial since they help in reducing risks of many diseases.

The liposomes and cell membrane of a human look alike. This is because all of them contain double layers hence making the use of liposomes to the body is recognized as if it a structure naturally made in body. Since early 1980s, this method has gain recognition due to its beneficial effects. It is one of the great inventions made so far by scientists in drug administration.

It is a technology that has been there since the 1980s and has been of great help. Liposomes are nowadays becoming fruitfully applied in wide disciplines of molecular chemistry, internal medicine, and general biology. The importances of using this method are so many since it is safe and proven worldwide. Obesity and hypertension conditions, through this method, are highly reduced with reduction in fat disposition in tissues.

The benefits of using this procedure are so many but just to mention some, there is always improved activity tolerance. Others are reduction in red blood cell viscosity, highly activity tolerance, lowered cholesterol levels in the blood vessels, and improved vascular circulation. All these help in making your body physically fit and free from hypertension and obesity.

The most vital feature of such technology over the other many ways available is that it allows a nutrient to be power-packed as well as remain in non-decomposed natural form until it travels to the targeted tissue or organ. The doses delivered may be reduced by about five to fifteen times than normal amounts. However, the effectiveness of the supplements does not change. This makes it affordable and also medically safe as only right doses are administered.

In normal intake of supplements and drug substances, there are a lot of barriers and obstacles that may affect or even inhibit absorption of such substances. If they are administered through the skin, bad weather conditions, oxygen, temperature, and other environmental conditions may reduce their quantity and quality before reaching the targeted organ. If it is done through the oral route, there are normally combination of acids and some gut enzymes that degrade and digest them before they are absorbed in body.

Vesicular phospholipids gels are, in some areas, a potential remedy to the problem, as the amount of non-internalized material in the gel is exceptionally low. Products are protected by this technology from the bad environments, which are likely to take place within the upper part of alimentary canal. It uses phospholipids to form a defense mechanism is able to reject the negative actions arising from digestion enzyme substances, body salts, alkaline liquids, or free radicals.

After reaching the target tissue, the substances are immediately taken in by the body cellular structure. Thereafter, they are moved to the intra-cellular body space. People taking supplements like those of protein, carbohydrates, or protective foods should use this method. Because some of them have low absorption and tend to reduce in efficiency when taken through the normal routes, it is normally good to use this method since it provides good results.

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